Track Day 2010 DESMO

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Track Day 2010 DESMO

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DESMO the NY area club is having a track day at New Jersey Motorsports Park in South Jersey in June. Details are below. It's a really leaid back day with Only Ducatis running and all civilized club members. If anyone from the Paso group that is near Southern New Jersey want to join up just let me or Martin Know. If you have never done a track day this is the PERECT event to do. We have full instruction and classrom sessions for anyone new to the track experience or needs help with their technique. You will have a great and low stress time at this event if you come out.


The 2010 DESMO Trackday will be held on Monday, June 14th, 2010 on the
Lightning Circuit at New Jersey Motorsports Park, and organized by Absolute
Performance Cycle, who ran last year’s. This means we will be using the
parking lot as our pits.

The cost for the event this year is $200 per rider, which includes the track
time and instruction. Lunch and paddocks are not included. T-shirts will be
optional/extra. If you would like a t-shirt, please add $15 to your payment
and provide me with your size. Since this will be a smaller order, we are
only going with men's sizing, so please keep that in mind.

This year's trackday will be limited to 70 Desmo members. Which is half to
2/3 the number of participants at most trackdays, and even less than last
year. Fewer riders means you will have plenty of open track. It also means
that if you are interested in signing up don't wait! This is an excellent
first track day as you will be riding with friends and the track will be
very open compared to most other track days.

There will be a 10min session just before lunch that will be limited to
women and 2-up riders. This offers a great opportunity for non-riders to get
a taste of what we all went to the track for. So, if you have a spectator
joining you for the day, make sure to bring a set of full riding gear for
them so they can take advantage of this opportunity.

Another feature we will be offering is video recording. This won't be the
high production value recording, but more of a learning technique. Roger
Chang will have cameras mounted to his bike and be circulating in the
groups. At times, he will display the videos in the classroom so you can see
what riding aspects you should work on. Also, Irene is starting to develop a
classroom presentation for those who want to make this into a true learning

If you would like to sign up, please email Martin at AT and I will send you the payment instructions.

*Please note that there will be no refunds after May 15, 2010.*

So, mark June 14, 2010 on your calendar as a vacation day to be spent at
NJMP riding on the track with your buddies.

The date is only seven months away!!


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