Aiming for the Apex - forum guidelines

creative words or images - your own or by others - that express for you the feeling of motorcycling
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Aiming for the Apex - forum guidelines

Post by mike »

at the request of a couple of members, brings you 'Aiming for the Apex'

this forum is for posting written and photographic works, be they your own or by other folks, that express what it is that draws you to motorcycling.

to prevent pissing folks off, there's 3 simple rules

1. if the work isn't yours, please state who's it is
2. if you don't know the source, and you found it on the 'net, please provide the source URL
3. if it is yours, and it gets stolen from here, don't blame me :thumbup:

skins' gonna get things rolling. ill post a few photos too
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