Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

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Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by AndyK »

I had never considered this before but just read the article in "Cycle" January 1989.

In the article they discuss how changing the rear axle from around the 12 O'clock to around 6 O'clock in order to increase ground clearance made the bike twitchy...

I have looked at lot's of pictures of members bikes and most seem to be at 6 with a fair few at 12. The official workshop manual makes it as clear as mud since one sketch shows it at 6 with the next showing it at 12

I'm about to do some maintenance on the back end and wondered if anyone had tried swapping and which they liked best?

Andy :)
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Re: Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by Derek »

Same idea as the eccentric axle in the singled sided swinging arms. Tensioning the chain alters the ride height and the suspension tie rod should be adjusted to compensate.
You can of course achieve the correct chain tension with the axle in 2 positions - above the axle centre line, or below it. There is no ride height adjustment on the Paso, so get it wrong and you could affect the handling badly.
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Re: Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by paso-passion »

Very soon after getting my bike I realised, like you, that I could achieve the correct chain tension with the eccentric positioned either with the axle at the top, at 12 o'clock, or at the bottom, at 6 o'clock.

With the lack of any guidance from the Owners Manual or Workshop Manuals, I therefore quickly decided that, being rather tall at 6ft-2in, I wanted the maximum ride height possible. I therefore set the axle to the 6 o'clock position. As pointed out in the article you mention (which can be found in the "Manuals and Magazine Articles" section*), this would have sharpened up the steering angle to some extent.

I never experimented with the alternative position, I just stuck with it. I never had any doubts about the handling, it was one of the best handling bikes I had ridden, despite the quirkiness of the 16-inch wheels, and the only real issue was the lack of ground clearance and the bike wanting to stand up in corners if you we were foolish enough to brake mid-corner.

Some what about it guys? What are your thoughts? Anybody got any opinions? Is there a right and wrong answer to this, or just personal preference? If so, what's your preference and why?


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Re: Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by Kmamac »

What tool do you guys use to rotate the end pieces with? I’m going to make a dedicated tool when I get a moment but would be keen to hear of simple elegant solutions.
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Re: Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by paso750 »

Normally one would use a 6mm allen key. I don't see why a different tool would be better.
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Re: Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by Stepaso »

I think it's more important to be comfortable with managing your Paso than the mini handling differences you'll get from 6 or 12 o'clock.
So if you're tall go for 6 o'clock or if you're short 12 o'clock, like I did and it made a huge difference when stopping, low speed, getting on etc..
I dropped the suspension a bit as I think the previous owner was heavy, this was also really worthwhile as 1988 750 White Limited (American) just clicked and felt like magic from then on

If you're lightweight and short I highly recommend these procedures
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Re: Rear Axle at 6 O'clock or 12 O'clock

Post by Finnpaso »

My weight is about 78Kgs and lenght of 176cm. I check just, that i have in my 750 Paso that axle in lower clock 6 position. No any problems in handling with 16" wheels and maintained Öhlins in rear.
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